Curriculum Vitae for Kristian Mølhave

Personal Information

 Full Name:  Kristian Mølhave
 Address:  H. A. Clausensvej 20b
2820 Gentofte
 Current Occupation:  Associate Professor at DTU Nanotech, the Department of Micro and Nanotechnology, DTU. Leader of the Molecular Windows research group. Part time E-learning consultant at LearningLab DTU.
 Affiliations:  Affiliated with the Center for Electron Nanoscopy (CEN)
 Date of Birth:  December 1973
 Telephone (mobile):  (+45) 2512 6672
 E-mail:  kristian.molhave (at)
 Nationality:  Danish
 Primary Languages:  Danish and English.
 Other languages:  Spanish, German, and French.

Work at Universities:

Current position:
Associate Professor at DTU-Nanotech (Since 1.8.2008). Head of the Molecular Windows research group. Working on developing novel tools based on micro- and nanofabricated devices for high resolution imaging with light and electron microscopes in order to provide new insights into biological, physical and chemical processes on the nanoscale.
Part time E-Learning consultant working at LearningLab DTU, developing IT solutions for teaching.

Assistant Professor at
- DTU-Nanotech (1.4-31.07.2008) in the Nanointegration group, working with electron microscopy of biological and liquid samples.
- MIC, DTU (1.2.07-31.03.2008) in the Optofluidics Group, working with micro and nanooptics within the FP7 Napa project.
- MIC, DTU (1.2.05-1.2.07) working on nanowire integration in microsystems, a 2-year 'talent project' NAMIC granted by the FTP.
- MIC, DTU. (1.7-30.9.04) working on nanomanipulation.

Post Doc at the Nanometer Consortium at the Solid State Physics Department, Lund University (1.10-31.12.04).

Research assistant at
- Division Microrobotics and Control Engineering (AMiR), University of Oldenburg, Germany (1.2-1.5.04). Worked on in-situ SEM nanomanipulation systems for the ASSEMIC project in a Marie Curie fellowship
- Institute of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus (1.7.00-1.2.01), working at the Ion Trap Group ( with a pulse excited linear Paul trap.
- University of Konstanz and University of Düsseldorf, Germany (1.2-1.5.00) in the Quantum Optics and Relativity Group of Prof. S. Schiller. Worked on the construction of an ion trap for molecular ions.



Thesis available in pdf format on

Further education:
- DTU leader education (DTUs lederprogram 2012)
- Coach education from Manning-Inspire 2012
- Education in University Teaching at DTU, UDTU.
- DTU-SVUD education for supervision of assistant professors
- DTU courses: “Fra forsker til leder”; “PH.D. vejledning”; “Den svære samtale / coaching”

Peer Reviewed Publications:
ISI: 50+ papers incl. conf. proc., 700+ citations, and H-index 14.
Automatically updated publication list on DTU-Orbit.
39: Integration, gap formation, and sharpening of III-V heterostructure nanowires by selective etching
Journal of vacuum science and technology B 28 p21-26 2010
Kallesoe C, Molhave K, Larsen KF, D Engstrom, TM Hansen, P Boggild, T Martensson, M Borgstrom, L Samuelson
38: Customizable in situ TEM devices fabricated in freestanding membranes by focused ion beam milling.
Nanotechnology 21 p 405304 2010
A Lei, D H Petersen, T J Booth, LV Hormann, C Kallesoe, OS Sukas, K Molhave, P Boggild.
37: TimeLapseAnalyser: Multi-target analysis for live-cell imaging and time-lapse microscopy
Submitted to BioTechniques.
J Huth, M Buchholz, J M Kraus, K Mølhave, C Gradinaru, G v.Wichert, T M Gress, H Neumann, H A Kestler.
36: Carbon nanotube based separation columns for high electrical field strengths in microchip electrochromatography
Lab On a Chip
K B Mogensen, M Chen, K Molhave, P Boggild and J P Kutter.
35: Characterisation of nanomaterials in food by electron microscopy - a review.
Trends in Analytical Chemistry
A Dudkiewicz; K Tiede; K Löschner; L H Soegaard Jensen, E Jensen; R Wierzbicki; ABA Boxall, K Molhave
34: Customizable in situ TEM devices fabricated in freestanding membranes by focused ion beam milling
Nanotechnology 21 405304d (2010)
A Lei, D Hjorth Petersen, T Booth, L V Homann, C Kallesøe, Ö Sardan Sukas, Y Gyrsting, K Mølhave, P Bøggild
33: Measurement of local Si nanowire growth kinetics using in situ transmission electron microscopy of heated cantilevers
Small 6, 18, p2058–2064, 2010
C Kallesøe, CY Wen, K Mølhave, P BøggildFM. Ross
32: 3D mechanical measurements with an Atomic Force Microscope
Submitted to Review of Scientific Instruments
C Kallesoe, MB Larsen, P Boggild, K Molhave
31: Semiconducting III-V nanowires with nanogaps for molecular junctions: DFT transport simulations
Nanotechnology 20 465401
C Kallesoe, JA Furst, K Molhave, P Boggild, M Brandbyge
30: Dose and energy dependence of mechanical properties of focused electron-beam-induced pillar deposits from Cu(C5HF6O2)2
Nanotechnology 20; 385304 2009
V Friedli, I Utke, K Molhave, J Michler
29: Competition between the thermal gradient and the bimorph effect in locally heated MEMS actuators
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 19; 015008 2009
C Jeppesen, K Molhave, A Kristensen
28: Epitaxial Integration of Nanowires in Microsystems by Local Micrometer Scale Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Small 2008, 4, No. 10, 1741-1746
K Mølhave, B Wacaser, D H Petersen, J B Wagner, L Samuelson, P Bøggild
27: Selective etching of III–V nanowires for molecular junctions
Microelectronics Engineering 85, Issues 5-6, 1179-1181 (2008)
C Kallesøe, K Mølhave, T Mårtensson, T M Hansen, L Samuelson, P Bøggild
26: On the suitability of carbon nanotube forests as non-stick surfaces for nanomanipulation
Soft Matter, 2008, DOI: 10.1039/b709870g
K Gjerde, R T R Kumar, K N Andersen, J Kjelstrup-Hansen, K B K Teo, W I Milne, C Persson, K Mølhave, H Rubahn, P Bøggild
25: Multimodal Electrothermal Silicon Microgrippers for Nanotube Manipulation
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, 8, 76-85, 2009
K N Andersen, D H Petersen, K Carlson, K Mølhave, O Sardan, A Horsewell, V Eichhorn, S Fatikow, P Bøggild
24: Topology optimized electrothermal polysilicon microgrippers
Microelectronics Engineering 85, Iss 5-6, 1096-1099 (2008)
O Sardana, D H Petersen, K Mølhave, O Sigmund, P Bøggild
23: Electrothermal microgrippers for pick-and-place operations
Microelectronics Engineering 85, Iss 5-6, 1128-1130 (2008)
K N Andersen, K Carlson, D H Petersen, K Mølhave, V Eichhorn, S Fatikow, P Bøggild
22: A carbon nanofibre scanning probe assembled using an electrothermal microgripper
Nanotechnology 18 (2007) 345501
K Carlson, K N Andersen, V Eichhorn, D H Petersen, K Mølhave, I Y Y Bu, K B K Teo, W I Milne, S Fatikow and P Bøggild
21: Electron Irradiation Induced Destruction of Carbon Nanotubes in Electron Microscopes
Ultramicroscopy 108 52-57 (2007)
K Mølhave, S B Gudnason, A Tegtmeier Pedersen, C Hyttel Clausen, A Horsewell, P Bøggild
20: Transmission electron microscopy study of individual carbon nanotube breakdown caused by joule heating in air
Nano Letters 6 1663-1668 (2006)
K Mølhave, S B Gudnason, A Tegtmeier Pedersen,
C Hyttel Clausen, A Horsewell, P Bøggild
19: Pick-and-place nanomanipulation using microfabricated grippers
Nanotechnology 17 2434–2441 (2006)
K Mølhave, T Wich, A Kortschack, P Bøggild
- also reported in (pdf).
18: Versatile Method for Manipulating and Contacting Nanowires
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 6 (7) 1995-1999 (2006)
J Kjelstrup-Hansen, S Dohn, D N Madsen, K Mølhave, and P Bøggild
17: Multiwalled carbon nanotubes integrated in microcantilevers for application of tensile strain
Ultramicroscopy 105 209-214 (2005)
S Dohn, J Kjelstrup-Hansen, D N Madsen, K Mølhave, and P Bøggild
16: Direct measurement of resistance of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using micro four-point probes
Sensor Letters 3 (4) 300-303 (2005)
S Dohn, K Molhave, P Boggild
15: Design and construction of a linear Paul trap for the study of crystalline beams
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 540 209-214 (2005)
N Kjaergaard, K Molhave, M Drewsen
14: Effect of gold coating on the Q-factor of a resonant cantilever
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 15 2249-2253 (2005)
R Sandberg, K Mølhave, A Boisen and W Svendsen
13: Temperature and pressure dependence of resonance in multi-layer microcantilevers
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 15 1454–1458 (2005)
R Sandberg,W Svendsen, K Mølhave and A Boisen
12: Electro-thermally actuated microgrippers with integrated force feedback
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 15 1265–1270 (2005)
K Mølhave and O Hansen
11: A Simple Electron Beam Lithography System
Ultramicroscopy 102 215-219 (2005)
K Mølhave, D N Madsen, and P Bøggild
10: Dynamically excited single-component ion Coulomb crystals in linear Paul traps
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 532 237-240 (2004)
M Drewsen, A Mortensen, J Lindballe, K Mølhave, N Kjærgaard
9: Constructing, connecting and soldering nanostructures by environmental electron beam deposition
Nanotechnology 15 1047–1053 (2004)
K Mølhave, D N Madsen, S Dohn and P Bøggild.
8: An approach to a multi-walled carbon nanotube based mass sensor
Microelectronic Engineering 73-74 670-674 (2004)
R Mateiu, Z J Davis, D N Madsen, K Mølhave, P Bøggild, A Rasmussen, M Brorson, C J H Jacobsen, A Boisen.
7: Towards pick-and-place assembly of nanostructures
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4 (3) 279-282 (2004).
K Mølhave, T M Hansen, D N Madsen, P Bøggild.
6: Solid Gold Nanostructures Fabricated by Electron Beam Deposition
Nano Letters 3 (11) 1499-1503 (2003).
K Mølhave, D N Madsen, A M Rasmussen, A Carlsson, C C Appel, M Brorson, C J H Jacobsen, and P Bøggild
5: Soldering of nanotubes onto microelectrodes
Nano Letters 3 (1): 47-49 (2003).
D N Madsen, K Mølhave, R Mateiu, A M Rasmussen, M Brorson, C J H Jacobsen, and P Bøggild.
4: Non-stationary Coulomb crystals in linear Paul traps
J Phys B 36 (3): 525-532 (2003).
M Drewsen, I S Jensen, N Kjærgaard, J Lindballe, A Mortensen, K Mølhave, D Voigt.
3: Stability of Coulomb crystals in a linear Paul trap with storage-ring-like confinement.
Phys. Rev. E 66, 015401 (2002).
N Kjærgaard, K Mølhave, and M Drewsen.
2: Formation of translationally cold MgH+ and MgD+ molecules in an ion trap
Physical Review A, 62, p. 0011401(R) (2000).
K Mølhave and M Drewsen
1: Demonstration of the continuous quantum Zeno effect in optical pumping
Physics Letters A, 268, p. 45-49 (2000).
K Mølhave and M Drewsen

 Publications available in pdf format on

Additional Publications

15: Book chapter "Droplet based cavities and lasers"
K Mølhave, A Kristensen, N A Mortensen
Accepted for "Advanced photonic structures for biological chemical sensing"
by Springer (Editor: Xudong Fan)
14: Book chapter 'Nanoteknologi i Billeder' on Nanoscale Microscopy
in 'Nanoteknologiske Horisonter' p. 15-31.
J B Wagner, K Mølhave, J H Nielsen, R Dunin-borkowski
13: Microfabricated chips and novel methods for characterization of nanostructures integrated in microsystems.
MNE 2007
K Mølhave, B Wacaser, P Bøggild, A Kristensen
12: Expanding the Nano-Toolbox for Electron Microscopy - Combining In-situ Nanomanipulation and Electron Beam Deposition
Microsc Microanal 13(Suppl 2), 2007, CD1466-1467;
K Mølhave and P Bøggild
11: DNA analysis based on pinch flow fractionation devices
µTAS 2007
A Vig Larsen, L Poulsen, K Mølhave, M Dufva, A Kristensen
10: Microfabricated Tools for Pick-and-Place of Nanoscale Components
Mechatronics 2006
P Bøggild, D H Petersen, J Kjelstrup-Hansen, K Mølhave, K Nordstrøm Andersen, Ö Sardan
9: Integration of III-V nanowire heterostructures in silicon microsystems
The International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensors, Copenhagen, 2006.
K Mølhave, T Mårtensson, B Wacaser, K Gjerde, D H Petersen, C Kallesøe, J Hales, A Horsewell, P Bøggild, and L Samuelson
8: Microgrippers with force feedback
The International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensors, Copenhagen, 2006.
K Mølhave, D H Petersen, J Kjelstrup-Hansen, K N Andersen, P Bøggild
7: Nanoværkstedet (The nanoworkshop)
Naturens Verden No 11/12 38-53 (2004)
P Bøggild and K Mølhave.
6: Nanoscale Soldering of Positioned Carbon Nanotubes Using Highly Conductive Electron Beam Induced Gold Deposition
IEEE Proceeding (2003.)
D N Madsen, K Mølhave, R Mateiu, P Bøggild, A M Rasmussen, C C Appel, M Brorson, C J H Jacobsen.
5: Soldering of Carbon Nanotube Bridges using Electron Beam Deposited Gold
MRS Proceeding (2003).
S Dohn, K Mølhave, D N Madsen, R Mateiu, P Bøggild, A M Rasmussen, M Brorson and C J H Jacobsen
4: Assembly of carbon nanotubes on microelectrodes by nanomanipulation
7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology and 21st European Conference on Surface Science.
K Molhave, R Mateiu, M Dimaki, T M Hansen, D N Madsen, and P Boggild.
3: Customizable nanotweezers for manipulation of free-standing nanostructures
IEEE Proceeding (2001)
P Bøggild, T M Hansen, K Mølhave, A Hyldgård, M O Jensen, J Richter, L Montelius, and F Grey.
2: Coulomb crystals in a pulse-excited linear Paul trap
AIP Conf. Proc. 606, 145 (2002).
N Kjærgaard, K Mølhave, and M Drewsen.
1: Ion Coulomb crystals and some applications
AIP Conf. Proc. 606, 135 (2002).
M Drewsen, L Hornekær, N Kjærgaard, K Mølhave, A Thommesen, Z Videsen, A Mortensen, and F Jensen


Conferences and Talks

  • 2011: FEMMS 2011, Ca, USA (Invited).
  • 2010: Microscopy and Microanalysis 2010, Portland, Oregon, USA(invited).
  • 2010: Public lecture on national TV 'Danskernes Akademi'
  • 2008: Organizer/Chair of the workshop "Explorative Electron Microscopy of Nanoparticles in Cells - tageted labelling, therapy, and toxicology" at the Scandem 2008 conference.
  • 2007: Microscopy and Microanalysis M&M2007, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (invited); Southern Danish University (invited)
  • 2006: Copenhagen University (Invited); Veeco User Meeting, Goteborg (Invited); EBID workshop, Delft.
  • 2005: Nano2life NBDA conference, Grenoble (Invited); Danish Physical Society Annual Meeting; Copenhagen university (Invited); Århus University (Invited); Århus University (Invited).
  • 2003: Clemson University (Invited).


  • The McKinsey&Company Initiative Award 2003 for starting the Science Show

Films & Books

All projects about Indian culture were funded by the Danish Ministry of Education.

Research projects & funding

Reviews & Refereeing

Teaching Experience:

  • University Teaching
    - 2012: Teacher in DTU course 42343 Nanotechnology, design, society and environment with Stig Irving Olsen & Michael Søgaard Jørgensen.
    - 2012: Teacher in DTU Course 33323 Nano-1: Introduktion til nanoteknologi with Winnie Svendsen.
    - 2011-12: Teacher in the DTU LearningLab course 'Supervision of larger projects' with Miriam Godskesen.
    - 2010: Developed and taught the 5 ECTS course for PhD students 'Micro and Nanoscale Electrochemistry' at DTU Nanotech with Arto Heiskanen.
    - 2005-6: Developed and taught the 'Nanooptics Case' in the Course 'Nano2' at DTU (2005, with K N Andersen, 2006 with K.N Andersen and P. U Jensen).
    - Århus University Hospital, on "Design, production and testing of imaging probes" in the Ph.D. course "Molecular Imaging and Therapy". (2007-2010)
    - Danskernes Akademi, DR - National TV. 20 min lecture on in-situ TEM experiments. 2010.
  • Supervision of Ph.D. students:
    - Carsten Købler 2011-2014 with Ulla Vogel and Klaus Qvortrup.
    - Sardar Bilal, 2011-2014, with Ole Hansen and Peter Bøggild, "In-situ TEM studies of nanoelectronics"
    Rafal Wierzbicki, 2009-2012 with Peter Bøggild, "Carbon based nanomaterials for electrochemical measurements on cells"
    Eric Jensen, 2009-2012 with Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, "Electron Microscopy of Liquid Processes "
    - Cristian Gradinaru, 2008-2011 with Henrik Flyvbjerg, "Modeling and Understanding Complex Motion".
  • Co-Supervision of Ph.D. students:
    - Filippo Pizzocchero 2011-2013, co-supervisor,"Graphene as electrodes for molecular electronics" with Peter Bøggild.
    - Agnieszka Dudkiewicz 2010-2014, co-supervisor."Nanoparticles in Food: Electron microscopy methods for detection and characterisation"
    - Joanna Lopacinska, 2008-2011 with Martin Dufva and Jenny Emneus, "Biocompatibility studies of cells grown in close proximity of nanostructures in cell culture chips"
    - Christian Kallesøe, 2006-2009 with Peter Bøggild, "Integration of molecular electronics in microsystems by epitaxially grown nanowires"
    - Özlem Sardan, 2006-2009 with Peter Bøggild, "Design and Fabrication of Microactuators for Nanomanipulation"
  • Supervision masters students
    Carsten Købler, 2011, Scanning electron microscopy of cells and liquid samples
    Thomas Kjøller Nellemann, 2009, Electron Microscopy of frozen events in liquids
    - Martin Toft Madsen, 2009, Microscopy of Cells on Nanostructured Substrates
    - Lixia Wang, 2006 Polymer Thin-film's Thickness Measurements by Atomic Force Microscopy
    - Christan Kallesøe, 2006, Nanogap structures for molecular electronics
    - Dirch Hjort Petersen, 2006 High aspect ratio silicon beam fabrication and large scale nanowire integration
    - Søren Dohn, 2003, Investigation of mechano-electrical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
  • Supervision of BSc students
    - Søren Matthias Goldschmidt, 2010, Alge Mikrokultur System,
    - Niels Brehm Nielsen, 2010, Microfluidic gradient generator
    - Mikkel Ravn Boye Jensen, 2010, Optimizing Cell Embedding for FIB-SEM
    - Christian Fink Elkjær and Jakob Lyager Rasmussen, 2009, Fabrication and Test of Chips for Electron Microscopy of Processes in Liquids
  • Additional Teaching
    - English teacher at various schools in Wuhan City, China (3 months 1995).
    - Taught conversation classes in a private English institute, IALI, Argentina (6 months 1995).
  • Peer-coaching of UDTU participants


  • Started - an initive for developing new teaching material for schools and science shows
  • Started the DTU Science Show - and outreach project run by students supported by DTU. See More than 40.000 spectators to date.
  • Started the Physics Show at the Institute of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus, together with Klaus Seiersen. See More than 90.000 spectators to date.

Further Activities:

  • Various programming and website editing jobs (1999-2000); part time laboratory technician (1993-95) at the Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University.
  • "Technology Scout" for the Patent office at the Danish Institute of Technology (1997-1998).
  • Translator and co-editor of publications at Bombays International Film Festival (1996).
  • Cabin boy on the Ministry of trade and Shipping training ship Lars A. Kruse (1995).
  • Leader and coach of junior and adult sailors at Aarhus Sail Club (1993-94).
  • Tutor for new students at the Institute of Chemistry, Aarhus (1993-94).
  • Training and work as forest worker (1992-93).